Our Principles

Ultra Fast Web Sites

Ultra fast web site can increase your page rank by 35%. Using SEO Best Practices we optimizing your data from the first to the last byte.

Advanced SEO by default

Meta tags, Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) increase your Organic rank. Automated and by default using our innovative Web IQ CMS

Hand written Code

Technology is changing rapidly. Using our codes we provide extensibility of our applications, security and upgrade on any level.

Compatibility On any device

We use simulators in order to test your application on multiple environments and systems. Providing the best User Experience.


Why Hybrid website?

A hybrid website includes both static and dynamic elements to create a single uniform design while taking advantage of strengths of both form. They can include static HTML pages and multiple dynamic elements to produce a complete web experience for the end user.

Edit your Static Content! What was That? Yes, it is true.
Web IQ Innovation provide live editing feature on static content. The most easiest way to edit your content.

Services Beyond the limits

Corporate web sites

The corporate website is one of the most important elements of your success.


A reliable and user friendly e-shop is the most effective tool for any modern business.


Tailored to the needs of each professional, we provide comparative benefits to maximize your business productivity.

Perfect design On any device

We believe that providing an awesome developer experience is a must when adopting new technologies. Easy to use, easy to understand and clean designs for humans. Focus on simplicity and not complexity.

Connectivity with awesome services

Created to perform excellent

Cloudflare MailChimp Payment Gateways Google Analytics Slack Zapier Amazon web Services Pcloud


Because we have faith to our codes and we are sure of the quality of our products, that is why we offer a 2-year guarantee without the need for additional registration.


3 Private powerful Dedicated servers only for our customer - not overselling. More than 2TB of cloud web Data located in Canada || Germany || France.
24 / 7 / 365 monitoring


Our Back-end architecture using API calls to all our applications, data are separated from the design provide easy expand your users from 10K to 100K effortless!