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Custom Web Apps to suit your needs

At Web IQ, with our specialized knowledge and high level of training, we are able to fully automate all the simple daily activities of a business that require time and effort.
By developing custom applications tailored to the needs of each professional, we provide comparative benefits to maximize your business productivity.

Telematics & GPS Trackings Track anything

- GPS Tracking (Global Positioning System)
- Vehicle Tracking
- Money Tracking
- Asset Tracking
- Container & Cargo Tracking
- People Tracking

Indicative types of business software

The following are indicative types of business software:
- Procurement Management Program & Logistics system
- Client and invoicing program
- Electronic payment system (Bank or Paypal connection)
- Online booking system
- Electronic ordering system
- Distance learning program
- Personnel and payroll management program
- Corporate intranet applications
- Custom software and applications
- General information systems

Connectivity with awesome services

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